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Linear solenoids, electro holding magnets, bistable solenoids, rotary solenoids or applications according to customer requirements. And many more


ISLIKER MAGNETE has a wide range of standard products including linear solenoids, self-holding solenoids, rotary solenoids, stepping solenoids, holding magnets and permanent holding magnets.
However, if you cannot find a suitable product we are happy to develop a customised solution to suit your specific requirements. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific design requirements with you.
Our Checklist supports us in our discussion.

Do you want to expand your knowledge about solenoids? Technical explanations for your technical support regarding solenoids.

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Isliker Magnete Hubmagnet

Linear solenoids

Industrial solenoid

Linear industrial solenoid for heavy work and long life. Available in pull or push version and on request with return spring. Custom made solenoids are available on request.

Isliker Magnete Haftmagnet

Electro magnets

Electro magnet

Electro magnet with a holding force, maintained by continuous application of current.
Isliker Magnete Selbsthaltemagnete

Selfholding solenoids

Selfholding solenoids

Open frame solenoid with one discreet position maintained without the continuous application of current.

Isliker Magnete Drehmagnete

Rotary solenoid

Rotary solenoids

Compact rotary solenoid without axial movement of the shaft. Can be fitted with adjustable return spring if required.

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Custom solenoids

Our custom-designed products can be found wherever individual solutions are required with the highest demands.


Quality assurance at ISLIKER MAGNETE

Quality starts with unmatched design engineering and innovative solutions. You are the customer, and you define quality!

With ISLIKER MAGNETE you choose a strong and reliable partner who will help you in resolving your complex actuation problems. For our highly motivated employees every inquiry and every order provides a challenge to produce excellence in every discipline, from engineering and manufacturing to marketing and distribution.

Our overall concept puts emphasis on the following key points:

  • Control of any given task by precise registration, understanding and putting implementation
  • Motivation through information and dialogue
  • Small control circles or teams
  • High transparency
  • Flexibility through demand orientated working hours
  • Continuous improvement process


High investments, through profits, in state of the art equipment!

Further quality requirements on your part? We will be happy to answer any open questions.

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ISO 9001
Already certified since 1994

ISO 9001
Already certified since 1994

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